BKFC 41 Press Conference: Fighter Quotes

BKFC 41 Fight Poster

BKFC 41 Press Conference

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship held a press conference today for BKFC 41, taking place on 29 April in Denver, Colorado.

BKFC 41 is the promotion’s biggest event to date. The fight card features two bare knuckle boxing match ups between four established MMA stars.

In the main event, Mike “Platinum” Perry (2-0 BKFC) takes on former UFC champion Luke Rockhold (BKFC debut).

The co-main event pits former UFC and Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez (0-0 BKFC) against fellow UFC veteran Chad Mendes (1-0 BKFC).

BKFC 41 Women’s Title Fight

Women’s Flyweight Champion Christine Ferea defends her belt against former champion Bec Rawlings.

Ferea is the world’s best women’s bare knuckle boxer. Rawlings gave up her belts for a contract with Bellator MMA. She rejoined the promotion last year, losing a close decision to Britain Hart in Rawlings BKFC return.

In another featured bout, former UFC heavyweight contender Ben Rothwell (1-0 BKFC) faces Josh Watson (2-1 BKFC).

Watson is coming off an upset win over former NFL player turned combat sports athlete Greg Hardy.

Christine Ferea Expects “More Competitive” Fight Against Rawlings at BKFC 41

Ferea gave her thoughts on facing Rawlings.

“I think this fight is going to be more competitive than people think,” she said.

“The Aussie’s tough. She’s stubborn but I think that’s gonna be her downfall.”

“I think she’s gonna come forward, be aggressive and she’s gonna get clipped and things are gonna change.”

“I’m coming, Misfit style. All out. Putting it on for the fans. Making sure everybody’s entertained and we are putting it on.”

Eddie Alvarez Excited for Bare Knuckle Debut Against Mendes

“I’ve been looking for a platform the past year and a half or 2 years.”

“I’ve been looking for a real platform and a real opponent. I didn’t want to just fight the fight,” said Alvarez.

“I didn’t want to get back into a cage or a ring until I was truly excited.”

“This sport is so kind of new and there are so many cool little nuances that I feel like a kid again.”

Chad Mendes: Mutual Respect Towards Eddie Alvarez

“Just like Eddie said, honestly this is an opponent that gets me up every day and motivates me. Gets me excited to get in there and train.”

“I’m kinda toward the end of my career here and it’s tough kinda staying motivated when it’s not that top level opponent.”

They (BKFC) talked about signing Eddie, and I wanted that contract right away.”

“This fight sells itself. It’s going to be a war.”

Luke Rockhold Ready to Punch Perry’s Face

“Getting ready to fight. Took the gloves off. Now, I’m ready to put the hands to face,” Luke Rockhold said at today’s press conference.

“This is a fight. They said Mike Perry’s the perfect bare knuckle fighter. He was built for this.”

“I just believe I’m different.”

“Mike-there’s a reason why he hasn’t made it to the top of the game in any realm of fighting. I plan on putting him right back in his place.”

Mike Perry Planning to Knock Rockhold off “Tip of the Mountain”

Perry calmly addressed Rockhold’s remarks when it was his time to speak.

“I brought you to the top of the game. This is the height of your career. And I’m gonna knock you off the tip of the mountain. Send you back packing.”

“You took this fight because you thought you were getting to fight a smaller guy. And you think you have something because you train with some guys like Gilbert Burns or those guys in South Florida.”

“Boxing is a different world. It’s more my game.”

“It’s more mano y mano, hand to hand. Chin over chest. And that’s me all day.”

Watch BKFC 41 Press Conference

The fighters took questions from the assembled media in Las Vegas. BKFC President David Feldman also spoke and answered questions.

You can catch the full BKFC 41 press conference below or on the promotion’s YouTube channel.

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