BKB Going Mainstream With Amazon Prime Deal

Britain’s BKB promotion continues to expand its footprint.

Last Friday, BKB co-owner Joe Brown announced the promotion has reached a video on demand agreement with Amazon Prime. Prime subscribers will be able to watch BKB videos on demand.

Modern bare knuckle is a very new sport.

By signing on with Amazon, BKB is making their product available to millions of Prime subscribers worldwide. Hopefully, a fair amount enjoy the matches on VOD, and are inspired to buy pay-per-views, attend live events, and purchase merchandise.

BKB’s unique and pure brand of bare knuckle (no grappling) has a chance to attract thousands of new supporters.

That’s not all. The article also mentions a Netflix documentary about BKB airs on the streaming service next year.

The mainstream recognition is well-deserved. Brown and co-owner Jim Freeman revived bare knuckle in England before others started promoting events in the Sates. Here’s hoping the Amazon and Netflix deals bring growth and recognition to BKB.

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