BFBA: Bare Knuckle Boxing Results from Wolverhamption

The Bare Fist Boxing Association held an event in Wolverhampton, England on Saturday.
BFBA: Nowhere to Hide delivered plenty of action, with 11 of the main card bouts ending in the first round.

Fight of the night was the battle between Jay Eggleston and Jordan Marshall. Eggleston dropped Marshall during a brilliant exchange in round two, winning a majority decision.

Mathilda Wilson defeated Tayler Reeves in the first female pro bare knuckle match in the UK. Late substitute Reeves went on the attack. She ate some strong blows from Wilson before the fight was stopped.

Brendan Needham defeated Craig Jenkinson to win the BFBA British Cruiserweight Title. Nathan Jdogg won the BFBA English Heavyweight Title bout.

Main card results below. The event was streamed live on Slipstream pay-per-view.

Tristan Cousin def. Ross Priester-KO Round 1
Sam Whitely def. Andrew Gough-KO Round 1
Josh Courtney (2-0) def. Stumpy Taylor (0-3)-TKO Round 1
Mathilda Wilson (1-0) def. Tayler Reeves (0-1)-KO round 1
Billy Braud (2-3) def. Tony Meehan (4-2)-Majority Decision
Ben Hatchett def. Marley Tomlinson-KO Round 1
Corey Harrison def. Danny Devall-KO Round 2
Kyle Cassidy def Tom Doyle-TKO Round 1 (Doyle down 3 times)
Liam Wilson def. Krystian Nadol=KO Round 1
Jay Eggleston def. Jordan Marshall-Majority Decision
Valentin Vauthiers (4-1) def. Gaz Heyes-TKO Round 3
Tom Scodd def. Jon Doddy-TKO Round 1
Nathan Jdogg def. Daniel Robson-KO Round 1 (BFBA English Heavyweight Title)
Brendan Needham def. Craig Jenkinson-TKO Round 3 (BFBA British Cruiserweight Title)
Gaz Corran def. Dean Robinson-TKO Round 1 (BFBA World 80 kg Lethwei Title)
Aaron Slimaine def. Sam Whitely-TKO Round 1

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