About BK Island

BK Island is a blog focusing on the sport of bare knuckle boxing.

Since its modern revival, bare knuckle boxing has proven to be one of the most exciting combat sports. Fights are shorter than most traditional boxing matches.

Because fighters don’t wear gloves to protect their knuckles, the impact of strikes tend to have more effect on the fighter getting hit. There are more cuts and knockouts in bare knuckle boxing fights than in traditional boxing.

The shorter bouts mean more action. Fighters can’t afford to coast and conserve energy when a fight is only 5 rounds of 2 or 3 minutes. Most bare knuckle promotions also use smaller rings that don’t allow fighters to move as much.

BK Island is not your traditional news site. In addition to reporting news and results, I hope to offer original interviews and also create content exploring the sport’s rich history.

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